Thursday, October 21, 2010

Growing like weeds!

It's crazy how true it is when people tell you "They grow up way too fast!!"
I am trying to soak up every second of everyday because I feel like the next time I blink it's going to be another year that has come and gone! Life can get so crazy and busy at times that I forget to just take a breath and cherish every second! I remember with Braxton how anxious I was for him to get to the next step but lately I just want to freeze time or wish life would just slow down so I had more time at this age with these darling little boys!

Our little Braxton..

Weighing in at 35 Lbs, 36 Inches tall & Couldn't be cuter! 95+% Percentile

Our house is full of entertainment these days by this little guy! I can't believe how grown up he is! He is such a smarty pants and says the cutest things each day! He definitely keeps us laughing!
This little guy just turned 2 a couple weeks ago! And yes it is fair enough to say "Boy did he turn 2" Some days there is no sugar coating the "Terrible two's" I just hope this isn't the preview show! :)
Braxton amazes us everyday! He is talking like crazy! Can count to 20, sing his ABC's + about 15 other different songs! He is VERY independent and is quite the dare devil!

Our little Boston.. AKA "Elmer's" He's our little Elmer Fudd baby! Bald as can be but they don't come sweeter!!

Weighing in at 15 LBS 9 OZ, 25 inches long! 25-50% Percentile

Boston is now 4 months old! There are no words for how precious this little guy is! Seriously the best baby! He loves to cuddle and suck his thumb! He is so smiley and is starting to get a belly laugh!

These 2 little guys are the best of friends! They have so much love for each other! They also entertain each other and it is the most precious thing to watch as they interact. Braxton is such a great big brother! Always wanting to teach and play with his brother!
He is teaching Boston how to roll over right now! He will demonstrate for Boston how its done and then helps him roll across the floor by pushing him! He's always concerned for his brother and loves to make him smile! Braxton got the first laugh from Boston! Hands down the most precious things I have witnessed!! And yes I cried!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Newborn Photoshoot

Life is going by way too fast! Boston is already 3 weeks old and he has changed so much! He's for sure packing on the pounds and today I put on a newborn outfit and it looks like this may be the last week he will fit into that size!

2 weeks stats...

8 Pounds 12 Ounces
21 Inches long

These pictures were taken when Boston was 5 days old! Enjoy!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Boston Jay Tucker

Boston Jay Tucker
6.18.10 @ 2:17 pm
8 Lbs 20.5 Inches

My labor and delivery experience was so great this time around! I had him in 3 Hrs and 17 mins and when the Dr told me it was time to have a baby I didn't believe him!! Boston was rushed to the NICU about 10 mins after he was born because he was more interested in looking around at his new surroundings than crying! He was on the C-PAP machine for about 2 hrs just to open his airways and they also flushed his system with some kind of water, that is why he has an IV in his hand! Boston has been such a joy to have and has been such a great baby! Braxton loves his new little brother and sometimes he loves him a little too much! He's tried to feed him his snacks and pick him up but has quickly learned the do's and don'ts when it comes to his new brother! Life couldn't be greater and we truly feel so blessed!